Belize Eco Sustainability
Naia Residences


Belize Eco Sustainability

For many real estate developers, being eco-friendly and sustainable often comes as an afterthought. Naia is green by design.

The original master plan, created by the world-renowned firm of EDSA, based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, was executed diligently by our team of engineers and contractors. Instead of drawing lines on paper and unleashing the bulldozers we carefully walked every square foot of the property. Instead of simply clearing the forest we worked with it, transplanting hundreds of trees — some quite large — and routing roads, water and underground electric lines in accordance with the lay of the land. Almost all of the vegetation you’ll see at Naia was there naturally; all we added was a bit of color and dozens more fruit trees to enhance the already varied population of birds and wildlife.

Low Density

Of the 224 acres that comprise Naia Residences, only one third is earmarked for home sites. The remaining acreage is comprised of lagoons and forest reserves, parks and roads. Buffer areas have been created on all sides of the property to maintain privacy and insulate the community from any higher density development that could take place elsewhere on the peninsula

Mangrove Pioneers

In 2009, Naia (known then as Cocoplum) was honored by the World Wildlife Fund for its innovative use of mangrove hedges as an alternative to concrete seawalls. Thousands of red mangrove and buttonwood seedlings were planted along all our internal waterways and today are thriving. They provide erosion protection, a nurturing habitat for marine life and are aesthetically pleasing. Naia is visited regularly by groups of university students studying natural resource management and is held up as a model for coastal development in Belize and the wider Caribbean.

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